3-D Bouquet Bag


It looks like fashion retailers are prepping us for Spring and 3d Floral designs are in!

Lux brand Henri Bendel launched The Bouquet Collection and there are lots of adorable designs! They are a splurge though $$$ :ladywink:


If you prefer the deal version, I picked up this super cute Nine West Sheer Genius Tote LD in Floral last weekend at T.J.Maxx for only $39.99! It even has a large, padded pocket inside to hold a tablet! LOVE it!

Nine West Sheer Genius Tote


I took off the gold dangle-y 9W logo hardware because I think the bag looks more expensive without it :ladywink:

If you don’t want to hunt for this on foot, the Black version is available at Jet.com for around $70 (here) and Overstock.com for around $80 (here).

There are even matching clutches at NineWest.com (here) and ShoeBuy at around $35 (here).

Nine West Sheer Genius matching clutch



Macy’s also offer a different version of the tote bag, named Ava Flora Applique Tote, on sale at around $41 (here).

Nine West Ava Floral Tote


2 Responses
  • mrs_squeeze
    February 5, 2017

    I love the floral motifs and the raised 3 dimensional looks make it even better. I’d much rather have these flowers on my bag than some in a vase that will die! :so-cute: :heart2: :love3:

  • LadyNine
    February 5, 2017

    Oh, I love these as well! I have a similar Nine West bag in tan with coral flowers on it. It is one of my favorite spring bags, even though it is quite old now and the flowers are folding in a teeny bit. I just can’t give it away because it’s so cheery after a long winter.

    I love the splurge bag, but I would be more likely to go for the deal. Great find at TJ Maxx! I think my favorite is the black & white!

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