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The Kwans’ Burmese Jadeite and Black Spinel Silver Necklace!


Surpriseeeeee! Nick Kwan and his mom Roz are launching this Burmese jadeite and black spinel silver necklace right now on Evine! It's their May 16th special! I felt very sophisticated wearing this treasure today :rose: It comes in Lavender, Green, and Red jadeite! (Details here) It's absolutely gorgeous and graceful, Nick & Roz! Congratulations! Enjoy, TV Shopping Queens!

The DG2 Story


If you are a HSN fan (like we are!) you may be very familiar with Diane Gilman and her world of DG2 jeans! If it's new to you, we can remedy that right away as this special blog is written by non other than Diane herself! Happy reading and welcome to the world of DG2!  P.S. All photos ...

Hot In Hollywood at the Oscars!


Laurie Feltheimer, our beautiful friend from the Hot in Hollywood collection, sent over some cute short clips and photos of what preparing for an evening at the Oscar's is like! Of course, we're sharing this with our readers immediately! :teehee: Enjoy! (If more photos come in, we'll post them ASAP!)   Hair and makeup! Dresses! Those are Jimmy Choo heels :teehee:   Thanks ...

Waterford® Crystal Special New Year’s Blog!


Dear Friends, Our Special New Year's blog guest is the wonderfully exuberant Jorge Pérez, spokesperson for Waterford Crystal! We often see Jorge on EVINE sharing great stories and beautiful, gleaming Waterford crystal creations! Thank you Jorge for celebrating 2017 with us at TV Shopping Queens! Now, without further ado, here is Jorge! Happy Reading & A ...