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What an exciting new project! Since the very beginning of Beekman 1802, Josh & Brent have always referred to their customers and fans as “Neighbors” because of the mutual support between them and their Sharon Springs neighbors. And now, the boys have actually gone ahead and partnered with Hollywood on beauty and skincare sets that were inspired by a movie of Mister Rogers – featuring Tom Hanks (!!!) – perfectly entitled A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD. It feels kismet! We’re sure all the Neighbors want to know more about this very special Beekman Boys project, so we did a little interview with Josh & Brent! Enjoy, Neighbors!

Josh & Brent aka The Beekman Boys

Hi Guys! How did this opportunity come about? Did Hollywood come knocking?

Josh & Brent: It turns out that a couple of members of the marketing team at Sony were already Beekman Neighbors, and they loved Beekman 1802 as much as we loved Mister Rogers.

Did it take you boys long to decide on this collaboration?

Josh & Brent: We said ‘yes’ immediately. We were so honored that Sony and the people who still work for Fred Rogers Productions felt that we were the perfect fit.

What was the process like? Was it what you boys expected?

Josh & Brent: We are always creating at Beekman 1802; however, we usually are designing things about a year out from when they will ultimately be ready for Neighbors to see.  We had less time with this collection (about 6 months), but our passion for continuing to spread the message of Fred Rogers really helped us create a collection that is really special.

Mister Rogers has a special place in many of our hearts. Why is he special to you boys?

Josh & Brent: We grew up watching the original show, and have no doubt that it helped us become the type of people that we are today. Beekman 1802 has such a focus on kindness and community, and that definitely comes from our upbringings.  We really do hope that when people see us on QVC that it brings them some joy and reminds them that there are kind people (Neighbors!) all around them.

You boys have a vast selection of beloved products to choose from. What went into picking the items for this collections – especially the TSV set?

Josh & Brent: Fred Rogers had a fascination with the number 143 and that was his code number for saying ‘I Love You’ because of the number of letters in each word of this phrase.  He weighed himself every morning of his adult life right after his morning swim, and he weighed exactly 143lbs every single day.

We wanted the TSV to be filled with the  most loved products from our line and also offer something that was supersized so that there was lots of love to be spread around.

The other item that we are just in love with is the little sweater that fits over your bottles of Beekman soap and lotion but that can also be placed on a wine bottle or olive oil bottle—a constant reminder to add a little kindness to your day.

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Beekman 1802 Goat Milk Body Cream Duo in Holiday Packaging
Beekman 1802 8-Piece Goat Milk Palm-Size Bar Soap with Tin
Beekman 1802 Goat Milk Hand Wash Trio With Cardigan Sweater Cozy

Did you boys meet Tom Hanks yet?!

Josh & Brent: Not yet but he did get to see everything that we created.

Any movie premier trips planned?

Josh & Brent: Unfortunately we’ll be working on the day of the NYC premier and cannot be there, but we have seen the movie and just love it.  It’s just a wonderful feel-good movie about the power of kindness.  We need more movies like that!

If you boys can ask Mister Rogers one question, what would it be?

Josh & Brent: Why did he decide to change shoes when he came into the house.  Couldn’t he have just worn socks or slippers?

This special project is such a meaningful accomplishment! What important message would you boys like to convey to your Neighbors as they enjoy these collections and perhaps share them with love ones?

Josh & Brent: We are so honored to have the opportunity to be on QVC talking about the things we love and the things we create.  It’s a real privilege.  That people choose to bring those things into their home and into their lives is a precious thing that we never overlook.

Thanks for talking to us, Josh & Brent! Our hearts are warmed by this special collaboration and we can’t wait to see you boys on QVC this Saturday, November 23rd – starting at midnight! (Friday night going into Saturday)

Follow the link below to see all the goodies, Neighbors!

– TV Shopping Queens

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