In My Laurie Felt HIH Capri Jeans


Laurie Feltheimer was in NYC yesterday so we decided to have breakfast to catch up! It was really fun having one on one time to just chat! She may be rich and famous with a glamorous LA life but she has a “Jenny from the block” side to her!  :heart: I wore her silky capri jeans to show her the fit! She debut these in March on QVC – Her Hot In Hollywood collection is rocking on the Q  :hugs:

Here I am with the designer herself!

Until next time! :ladywink:

Laurie’s On-Air Schedule

  • 9/18: 10PM-12AM ET QVC Red Carpet Ready Show (Live from LA)
  • 9/22: 10PM-11PM QVC Hot in Hollywood by Laurie Felt
  • 9/23: 7AM-10AM ET QVC AM Style with Leah Show
  • 10/7: 7AM-8AM ET QVC Main Show
  • 10/7: 10AM-12PM ET QVC2 AM Style with Gabrielle
  • 10/8: 12PM-3PM EST QVC Fashion Day Preview Show
  • 10/9: 6PM-7PM ET QVC Inspired Style Show

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