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    Michelle TVSQ
    Gazette Editor
    New York

    $ 98.99 Today’s Top Deal
    Was $169.00 | (41% off)
    6 ValuePay®: $16.50
    S&H: $7.99

    Item 188-476


    Michelle TVSQ
    Gazette Editor
    New York

    I :heart: it! Chinese New Year is here! :stars: :stars2:

    This is soooo cool!

    Lambert Cheng (he’s been on ShopHQ formerly known as Evine and formerly known as ShopHQ and formerly known as ShopNBC :teehee: ) since foreverrr and he brought this collectible with him!

    The packaging is in a “red envelope” box design which is a symbolic lucky envelope that we insert crisp, new cash in it to give to friends and relatives for good fortune :twirlydance:   It’s usually between $1-$20 depending on how close the person or the child is to you :ladywink: But instead of cash, this red envelope box contains .5 gram of gold in the shape of the God of Wealth :please: So fun and meaningful!

    Give someone you love the gift of wealth! This 24K gold charm features the god of wealth in lovely detail with satin and polished finishes. The charm is set on a beautiful red and gold card that has a pretty background pattern. The piece comes in a matching envelope, which makes for a great gift. Celebrate prosperity by giving this charm to someone in your life!

    Collectible Gift Details

    • Metal: 24K gold
    • Total Weight: 0.5 grams
    • Measurements: 1-3/4″L x 1-3/8″W x 1/16″H
    • Country of Origin: China

    The sculptured gold inside is pure 24k gold of .5 grams :clap:


    Michelle TVSQ
    Gazette Editor
    New York

    A red card slides out of the box, like this:

    It pops out!

    One host was saying that you can even take it to, maybe, a jeweler to drill a hole in the protective case so that you can wear this as a large pendant as well :blink: (although it’s really a collectible for display :ladywink: )

    FYI – Since this is pure gold, it is worth real money. So if necessary, it can be sold to be melted down. For example:

    • Today (on 23 January 2020), the 24K Gold Price per Gram in the USA = 50.23 USD.
    • The 24K is also known as 999 Gold, which indicates its purity.

    Michelle TVSQ
    Gazette Editor
    New York

    omgosh they presented this beautiful butterfly earrings! I am in love! :love3:

    3.5 grams of pure gold :admire:

    Item 184-854
    Lambert Cheng 24K Gold 2.5″ Butterfly Tassel Drop Earrings, 3.5 grams
    $ 379.99 Event Price
    Was $760.00 | (50% off)
    6 ValuePay®: $63.33
    S&H: $8.99



    It’s 2.5″ long :twirlydance:


    Michelle TVSQ
    Gazette Editor
    New York

    This is still one of today’s TTD specials! :yay2:

    So, it’s one more chance to pick this up if you’ve been out there pondering about it :teehee:

    Also, final Chinese New Years jewelry shows of the year airs live from 5pm-7pm ET tonight on ShopHQ tonight (formerly Evine) :ladywink:

    Have fun! :loveshower:


    Michelle TVSQ
    Gazette Editor
    New York

    Ohhhh! For those who missed this January TTV… its back today as a Supercharged Deal for $109.99 :twirlydance:

    See the first few posts on top to learn more :ladywink:

    $ 98.99 Today’s Top Deal Was $169.00 | (41% off) 6 ValuePay®: $16.50 S&H: $7.99 Item 188-476


    Gazette Ambassador

    This is such a fun gift, too! What a great presentation.

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