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    It is very cold and snowy here in Co. I am so ready for Winter to be over but at least I am enjoying a lot of good books. We have been busy with family events and enjoying them. My cousin and his son are coming this weekend for a visit from Mo. I have been watching some QVC and HSN the last couple of days. First time I have watched in a while or even had them on for background noise. I hope everyone is staying warm and doing well. We have decided to have our two guest bathrooms redone so that work will start at some point. Using our contractor that we have used off and an on for twenty five years. He is backed up and it will take a while but that is alright as we have other bathrooms we can use and the mess will be contained to those rooms. This is a project we have put off since we bought the house ten years ago. They are not bad just need to be updated.


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    That’s an exciting project, Kitty! Are you deciding on colors and fixtures yet? :blink:

    Our weather in NYC is up and down – yesterday it was in the 50s and today it’s low 40s. It’s been pretty much cloudy most of the time with sunny days only once or twice a week :laughcry:

    Hubby and I want snow! But nada in NY. The couple of times it snowed, it was light and melted right away. Boo :giggle-cat:

    I infrequently order from QVC and HSN but QVC is still on our tv daily as background noise :teehee:

    But the last item I ordered from the Q was crazy expensive! I finally gave in to the Dyson hair dryer because it finally dropped below $430 (ouchhhhh!) but I have to admit it is magical! My hair is frizzy and have flyaways; so it’s never stick straight unless I just came out of a salon and they blew dry it for like 10 minutes :rotflmao: But the Dyson does it in seconds and I don’t have to do anything except point the hair dryer nozzle downwards!

    I was pretty annoyed with them over the holidays though. I ordered something in advance as a few gifts and they all arrived crushed due to internal packaging :coocoo:

    But, when I see David V, Jane Tracey, Courtney Khondabi, or Alberti on… it’s all good again :giggle-cat:

    I still very much enjoy Leah Williams, Mary DeAngelis, and Vanessa Herring but they don’t get nearly enough air time :amused-cat:

    Have a great day, All! :kiss:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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