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    Michelle TVSQ
    Gazette Editor
    New York

    :yay2: me? :lol3:

    The opal earrings are beautiful! I can see them being go-to earrings!  :please:

    Can’t wait to see your next collection of earrings, LN!

    Seriously I never would have thought there was a ring to match. And a flip ring too. But I’m safe. Size 7 is my max.

    :hahaha: Leave it to Michelle to find the matching ring, it’s so cool! I like that flip design. Middle finger maybe? Or is that the size 7?

    I know. She is amazing with TH Maxx.com. yes, middle finger is the seven.

    Still a really cool ring. I am wearing the set again today with a hot pink top, a khaki skort, and amethyst rings.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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