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    Gay Guys might wear women’s jewelry for all I know, when they play “dress up” .  Most regular  guys today wear Jewelry. All I am asking is for two hours a week out of 168 hours. 166 hours for women and 2 hours for men!   Like I said same ratio as closet space  for women to men.  But you must market this to men if men are going to watch and buy. If you asked a man about  JTV ,he is going to say it is a women’s channel because of what they sell and unless he sells Jewelry ,he is not going to watch.  There are a lot of Metro sexuals too.  That is  when men  are confused  and dress like a man but carry a purse.  I hear they buy a lot of other  women stuff.


    As far as head to head, JTV has 86 million viewers and LC has 95 million or so.  JTV beats the LC with Moissanite, Pearls, and Jade. I also think JTV has better Sapphires.  As for selling other items, JTV sells other items too, of course they are jewelry related.   The LC has lower prices because they make 80% of their own jewelry, JTV makes something like 25% of their Jewelry(I think most of those are Pearl Jewelry).  JTV has sexier jewelry than the LC.  Over all I think the hosts on JTV are better. I would say the Diamond Jewelry is about the same. Both use Diamond Chips it seems to me. I would only buy Diamond rings with at least one stone 1/3 Ct.  JTV has better loose stones than the LC.  Both need more Men’s Jewelry. You only see Men’s Jewelry at Christmas time.  I think you get more information about Gems on JTV.  The auctions are better on the LC. I don’t like the auction format that JTV uses.  If you resell ,LC wins hands down, If you are buying Jewelry for yourself or others ,JTV is your best way to go.  I can tell you Jewelry sales over all are down and that’s because people don’t have the extra money like they used to have(Thank You Obamacare).  JTV volume went up because they lowered their prices this year, but I doubt they made out like bandits because their expenses increased.   Anyway, that’s how I see the two.


    TVSQ Michelle
    Gazette Editor
    New York

    Gary – I found the last 2 Replies stuck in Pending status and just approved them now; it does that sometimes when there are magic words it questions :teehee: Anyway, thus the April 1st publish date! :wink:

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)

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