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    I’m not sure I would be able to find some of the designs that Michael does in cz elsewhere. He understands that and works especially hard to make his designs different. I would however love to see him expand into an additional line with real color gemstones next year, for viewers who prefer the real thing :rose:

    I agree!

    I love almost all of these designs, but my one suggestion would be to see something other than rings and other than CZ. I’m not going for the diamond look in rings. I have those. :ladywink: Though I also acknowledge diamonds are something Michael has been somewhat famous for in what he gets for the celebs, so that may be part of the popularity here.

    While I do think it can be a bit high for costume jewelry, it is definitely not run-of-the-mill costume jewelry. It’s well made, with incredible detail. It reminds me of the Xavier line at HSN, and even though they used lab rubies and lab sapphires in the designs (with other stones), they were stunning pieces priced reasonably, evoking vintage pieces most of us cannot afford. Bella is nice too, but I don’t quite see the same detail that I see with these.



    I compared prices. The lowest 2 ring CZ wedding set on JTV.com was $49.95 . I can get more choices and lower prices with my Wholesaler. I can also find similar rings by designers at my wholesaler for less. Again, it is just branding and social status.  I can sell the wholesaler rings by doubling the price, but I could never sell “name rings” for twice what I paid.  Like I have said before , JTV is good if you are buying a present for someone or yourself, but it would be hard to resale most of their jewelry.  I might be able to resell Moissanite  because it is harder to find items in Moissanite.  Maybe some of the Pearl items too.  Any “real” gemstone items would have to have certification for me to resale here.  People here don’t believe you , they want proof it is a real stone.


    Michelle TVSQ
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    New York

    Unique designs aside… we’re retail buyers… can’t really compare to buying as resellers from wholesalers :eatchoco:


    Michelle TVSQ
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    New York

    I’m envisioning wearing the ring with outfits like these! :twirlydance:


    I ordered this vintage-y ring tonight after its debut! Time for me to get a red mani! :twirlydance:

    I like these 2 ring that they just presented… :teehee: http://www.jtv.com/michael-o-ft-connor-for-bella-luce-r7.68ctw-diamond-simulant-rhodium-over-sterling-eterno-tmring/1897162.html Sale Price: $65.99 + Free Shipping today Love the art deco feel! :heart:


    I consider the LC wholesalers, their prices are better than wholesale sometimes and close other times.  JTV will say dealers welcome on some items.  If you get appraisal from JTV it is $50 extra and it take an additional week or two to receive item.  I have bought items from bidz.com with appraisal and resold the item at a profit  Like $500 Gold Men’s ring and sold for $1200.  It is harder to do than sell a sterling wedding set you paid $17 and get $50.  Now I am too scared to put really nice Jewelry in showcase after the break ins and theft.


    Michelle TVSQ
    Gazette Editor
    New York

    Break ins and theft? Eeek! So sorry to hear that, Gary! Be safe!


    Gazette Ambassador

    I spy with my little eyes our lovely forum host on Michael O’Connor’s web page!

    Take a peek here:


    Michael asked his customers to post photos of themselves with their favorite pieces from his line.


    Michelle TVSQ
    Gazette Editor
    New York

    :teehee: That’s me! :teehee: Good eyes, Lady Nine Michelle!

    One more clearer photo of the ring here on TVSQ’s new Instagram page!


    Michelle TVSQ
    Gazette Editor
    New York

    Michael is hosting a Mother’s Day giveaway drawing on his FB page – it ends soon (early next week?) so head over there asap, Ladies :ladywink:


    Measures Approximately 3/8″l X 3/8″w

    Good luck!


    Michelle TVSQ
    Gazette Editor
    New York

    These earrings (item # MCB053) will finally launch today! Michael will be on JTV at 12pm eastern THIS afternoon on Monday, 6/12 :ladywink:

    Reporting back on Michael O’Connor’s new jewelry collection! (Tuesday, January 3rd, 6-8pm Eastern, on JTV)

    I met up with Michael and got to see about a dozen of his designs! Depending on the piece, it could be timeless, it can be modern, but they all have a unique-feel to them and they all have Michael’s stamp of approval because they are all HIS own designs; and the man has a very high standard for details and quality :please:

    Here is a photo of me wearing My Pick! These earrings are my absolute favorite out of his collection! They have an antique-y art-deco feel, nice weight, and they look Madison Avenue expensive! :ladywink:

    I have a lot of news to share so I’ll list them out for you Ladies!

    The name of the collection is Michael O’Connor for Bella Luce

    In this collection, Michael’s designs are Bella Luce stones (JTV’s cz) set in sterling silver

    Every piece that I saw and touched… looks and feels like fine jewelry. You’ll think they belong under a glass cabinet at an expensive jewelry shop. They’re definitely not your usual impression of cz pieces (regardless of if it’s QVC’s Diamonique, HSN’s Absolute, or JTV’s Bella Luce) and I attribute 100% of that to Michael as the designer; and his quest for fine quality pieces

    As many of us know, Michael styles a long list of actors and actresses with gorgeous jewelry for red carpet events. He sees thousand dollar(s) jewelry every day. With that…

    What Michael wanted most out of his own collection is to bring his designs to life with the same quality that he expects from red carpet pieces

    He is very passionate about giving everyday people the chance to wear jewelry that are eye catching and red carpet worthy but translated into designs that are suitable for everyday wear… with lots and lots of attention to details… and without breaking the bank.

    Some of the details I saw were sparkly Bella Luces that did not scream “cz”, extra TLC to the galleries, special attention to the earring posts to make sure the earrings sit up straight in our earlobs, rose rhodium details, and where it fits… little “oc” marks (as in O’Connor) with the “o” being a pink Bella Luce stone, chains that are adjustable on slides, and earrings that offer multiple looks. The list goes on!

    I also asked Michael “why Bella Luce? why not diamonds or other colored stones since he came from the fine jewelry world?

    The reasons were… during and after Michael’s role as QVC’s diamond expert, he received and continues to receive a lot of customer feedbacks asking for larger stones with more sparkles. But with diamond prices increasing from 40-75% (metal prices too) the stones just kept getting smaller. With Bella Luce, the stones offered the sparkle, size, and quality that can be beautiful with Michael’s designs.

    Based on the pieces that I saw, the way Michael used Bella Luce… simply steers you towards appreciating the interesting, tasteful designs without thinking the stones are cz :ladywink:

    In the future, the collection may span into genuine gemstones (and we would love that!)

    For the debut, it will be a one-visit, 2-hour show (so don’t miss it!)

    Show time is Tuesday, January 3rd from 6-8pm eastern

    23 pieces of jewelry will be presented

    They are a combination of pendants, earrings, amazing rings, crosses, and angel wing designs

    Each piece comes with a romance card and Michael & team are working on updating to a higher end, exclusive packaging

    The designs were in Michael’s archive; and once Michael found the right partners, it took 1 year to produce the pieces to his expectation

    Designs for the next series, which of course are inspired by what Michael sees on the red carpet and luxury jewelry houses, are already in progress

    That’s A LOT of scoop! I hope I did not forget anything!

    Set a reminder to tune in, Ladies!

    Congrats Michael! We :heart: you and you did an amazing, amazing job with this collection!

    Follow Michael on his Facebook page (here)

    Host Michelle wrote: I’m meeting Michael O’Connor on Monday for more scoop! I’ll report back! :ladywink:

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