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    Host Michelle
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    Yesterday we turned on the 85″ tv and we were surprised because our TV turned into an animated fish tank appeared! It was :so-cute: Apparently, hubby used a ROKU plug-in to watch a movie the night before and the fish tank is sort of like a surprised screen-saver :rotflmao: I :love: it!

    I like how you’re always freshening up your home, Kitty! It keeps things interesting! Happy Reading, my friend!


    I gotta go get ready for a 1pm video meeting now :giggle-cat:

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    Host Michelle
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    It’s 24 HOURS of Christmas in July today! :christmas:


    Started at midnight last evening and will run through 11:59PM tonight! :love3:


    Everything in this sale is on 4 easy pays (ends 7/25) :dance-girl:

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    Host Michelle
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    Oh and you get to choose between 5 ship dates! :twirlydance:

    • 10/25
    • 11/8
    • 11/15
    • 12/6
    • 12/13
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    Host Michelle
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    It’s a big xmas in July day over at QVC and the TSV is… chocolate!!! :chef: :eatchoco:

    Includes 150 truffles:

    • 25 each of milk chocolate
    • 25 dark chocolate
    • 25 white chocolate
    • 25 snowman (milk and white chocolate)
    • 25 milk chocolate sea salt
    • 25 double chocolate

    And we get to choose between 3 gift box designs :ladywink:

    Host Michelle
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    I believe this brand used to be on ShopHQ – looks like they’ve moved to HSN!

    This TS is a 2-pack and it’s already rated 4.7 stars by HSN customers :clap:


    I’m paraphrasing but it’s purpose is to:

    Provide skin hydration, optimize skin’s own natural collagen and elastin, and improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles


    The ingredients are:


    Host Michelle
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    These are 100% polyester and comes with –

    • One flat sheet
    • One fitted sheet
    • Two pillowcases (One with Twin)

    They are the same price regardless of size from Twin to California King! :twirlydance:


    I think it’ll be fun to sew tops, skirts, and wide legged pants out of bedding :teehee:

    How cute would this be for a beach house weekend trip? :loveshower:

    Host Michelle
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    Same with the hubby over here… whenever Apple’s i-products are on air…  :rotflmao:

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    Host Michelle
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    I’m still laughing at “big shoes” :rotflmao:

    It’s a keeper then? :mousegirl-giggle:

    p.s. About her shiny red croco… ditto! ditto!!! :high5: :twirlydance: :dance-group2:


    OK, so this arrived today. I’ll be using it for a small weekend getaway later this month, so I’ll know for sure if I really like it. As soon as I see that shiny red croco I’m all kinds of happy. :giggle-cat: One thing I didn’t like at first is that the lid doesn’t seem to open all the way flat. But then I saw that there were velcro flaps (that you see in the photo above) you can undo to make the lid open all the way. I test fitted some clothes and my big shoes in there, and it seemed to hold as much as my weekender. At least for summer. :rotflmao2: There are only two wheels on the back, though, not the omnidirectional ones you usually get. That is a negative for me. I kind of feel like why bother putting wheels on it if they’re those kinds of wheels. But like most Samantha Brown luggage, there are tons of little details that make it a great set. Lots of pockets. The side pockets are good for shoes like flipflops or flat sandals. On the bottom is a handle you can use to lift it, so I guess that’s why they didn’t put the wheels there.

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    Host Michelle
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    That is a cool deal!

    Spread the word, y’all :teehee:


    Here is HSN’s Refer A Friend page:


    They ask for your email…. so I’m guessing they’ll send you an email with custom link/custom code you can give to your friends… which ties back to you :teacher:



    Host Michelle
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    I had SO MUCH FUN with Lug shows’ Ami Richter around the clock on QVC yesterday – it was the perfect background entertainment as I worked yesterday – she just seems super pleasant and :so-cute:

    I was also very tempted to order a set but I behaved… especially since I’m on another one of my tidying / decluttering / reorganizing sprees at home :rotflmao:

    Here is Ami with Jason, her hubby and business partner (younger days :teehee: )


    Here is the beautiful fam!



    Wow! They have sold over 12,000 of these! :excited:

    Host Michelle
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    I’m so glad the bows DO COME ALONG with the set – it makes all the difference to me :teehee:

    What You Get

    • 4 LED color-changing lanterns with timer
    • 4 Harvest ribbon wreath decorations
    • 4 Holiday ribbon wreath decorations
    • 4 Remote controls; each with CR2025 battery
    • 4 Instruction sheets; 1 per lantern


    So you get both the HARVEST bows and the HOLIDAY bows to switch things up based on Autumn and Holiday/Christmas :ladywink:

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    Host Michelle
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    And, soft is a MUST for sensitive skin me :lol2:


    I love the length and it looks really, really soft! She said they’ve sold 20,000 of these already! They do not plan to extend the price breaks past midnight tonight!

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    Host Michelle
    Panel Founder

    I :heart: these affirmations!

    One for each day of the week – and take a break on the weekend? :hahaha:

    Affirmations are:

    I am grateful/star embroidery/aqua verde/green

    I am blessed/heart embroidery/black

    I am happiness/happy face embroidery/heather gray

    I am peace/peace sign/sea blue

    I am love/heart embroidery/mauve


    BUT if I have to pick one, I’ll go with I am blessed in Black :ladywink:

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    Host Michelle
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    That’s actually a surprisingly affordable price for a Ferragamo!

    Here is the side view with their logo – :ladywink:

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    Host Michelle
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    I accepted another 6-month work contract a few weeks ago and it’s totally threw me off balance. I wish I’m better at balancing work life schedule like our Lady Nine Michelle! :laughcry:

    So glad to read about your good times with the fam, Kitty! :kiss: Say Hi to artsy Frank for me :hahaha:

    Our TV has been loyally on QVC :lol3: and sometimes HSN – it’s still what keeps me mentally happy – along with corgis on YouTube :rotflmao:

    We are readjusting all our furniture placement at home to accommodate our brand new 86″ TV :teehee: That includes ordering lots of huge IKEA closets a couple weeks ago to hid all our knick knacks in :lol2: I got a service to pickup/deliver/and assemble for us – best decision I’ve made in a long time! It eliminated all the hassle and stress :clap2:

    I contacted them again tonight for a 2nd big order :giggle-cat:

    There’s no such thing as too MANY closets! :rotflmao2:

    Stay cool in the Summer heat, Everyone :ladywink:

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