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20 Questions with Angel Smedley


It's wintry March but we stayed warm & cozy playing 20 Questions with our friend Angel of Quacker Factory! Thank you, Sweet Angel! :heart: Enjoy getting to know Angel a bit more personally, TVSQ Friends! :ladywink: 20 Questions inspired by Marie Claire Magazine Angel 1.What should every person try at least once in their life? Travel-- visit ...

20 Questions with Laurie Feltheimer


Our December guest is LAURIE FELTHEIMER! Hollywood Royalty + Down to Earth Mom & Friend + Successful Business Woman all-in-one! You'll have to read our old live chat with Laurie to understand! Thank you for playing 20 Questions with us during Christmas month and letting readers know you on a personal level, Laurie! 🎄 ❤️ 20 Questions inspired ...

20 Questions with Michael O’Connor


November brings us MICHAEL O'CONNOR! Veteran jewelry expert, hot Hollywood stylist, and beloved television personality! Michael is a long time friend of TVSQ and we just :heart: him to pieces! We're also jelly he vacationed in 3 European countries last week! :teehee: Thank you, Michael, for answering our questions & sharing more of yourself with everyone! 20 Questions inspired by ...