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If you are a HSN fan (like we are!) you may be very familiar with Diane Gilman and her world of DG2 jeans! If it’s new to you, we can remedy that right away as this special blog is written by non other than Diane herself! Happy reading and welcome to the world of DG2!  P.S. All photos are recent even though the story starts 24 years earlier!

DG NYC Skyline

From the Lady herself… Diane Gilman


Greetings, fellow TV/HSN shoppers!

Have you ever wondered where my title of “Queen of Jeans?” comes from? Well, it came from a “lightbulb moment” a dozen years ago when my spirit remained youthful, but my body became decidedly middle-aged. I found the one piece of clothing I always counted on to identify me, to make a statement about who I was and am – a sexy jean – was no longer accessible and suddenly, that perfect jean, seemed only for the young, fit and skinny.

So I had a “no way!” moment and DG2 by Diane Gilman was born. DG2 is a jeans brand for the “not so young,” “not so perfect,” and “not so skinny” woman. In other words, the majority of American women over 40!


DG Photo 8

I have had the privilege of contributing to HSN for going-on 24 years, almost a quarter of a century. I personally think shopping on HSN is the greatest way to shop, as it combines the perfect mix of efficiency of the designer explaining the product and brand philosophy…and it is all very entertaining! Plus, no pushy salesperson following you relentlessly around a store, no mall crawl…just the perfect way to find what you may not have even known you wanted or needed.

I hit a nerve in the American female population. We are living longer, working longer, being more active far longer than I could ever have imagined – and we have nothing to wear – until DG2 was born!

Our first show was so successful when we premiered our jeans, it set all-time sales records in teleretailing and started a design revolution! DG2 remains, to this day, the most successful fashion brand-globally – in all of teleretailing.

Our growth has been explosive and for the decade we have been on-air with our “Baby-Boomer” jeans, selling over 10 million pairs of jeans!


Our first show was scary, slightly tragic and totally triumphant! I had designed and produced an entire collection, but our factories were late shipping, and only one, lonely jean made it for the first show at 5:00 AM on a cold, dark winter morning.

DG Photo 7

No one had ever successfully sold a fitted pant, much less a jean, on TV, so no one believed I could do it. But, we sold 5,000 jeans in three minutes and the DG2 legend was born!

DG Photo 4

DG Photo 2


DG Photo 1

What excites me the most now, is how denim has gone from utilitarian to Haute Couture. Denim has permeated every aspect of fashion from not only jeans, but outerwear, handbags and footwear. It is the #1 “cool-girl” fashion message on the planet!

So, whether you love denim as vintage, patched, destructed or ladylike saturated washes, please choose a key piece of DG2 denim for Spring 2017!

DG Spring 2017

DG Photo 10DG Photo 11

My newest love in the DG2 collection for spring is Virtual Stretch. Virtual Stretch is luscious, suede, soft and most importantly, insanely stretchy.

Virtual Stretch denim is the style of the moment and is showcased in our jean jacket, the perfect essential layering piece of the season. This jean jacket is not what you’re used to it, which has probably been too small, too cropped, rigid and built for a younger body-type. Ours is true to the promise DG2 always keeps – built for the real woman in a slimming silhouette we all dream of, but can never find.

DG Photo 9

I will be on HSN Thursday night (March 2) at 10:00 PM with host Colleen Lopez for a special preview of this jacket, and then I’ll be back to show off the jacket some more on March 6 and 7! Join me if you can!

Search for Diane’s show time at HSN’s Program Guide :ladywink:

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    7 Responses
    • BELLA325
      March 6, 2017

      I buy dg2 whenever Diane comes on HSN. I have to tell you her jeans are the best and her shorts are perfect just above the knee and stretch is the best. I really like that they come in all lengths and sizes. :rose:

      March 6, 2017

      My closet is full of DG2 jeans. I have about forty pairs and just about the same amount of tops, jean jackets, etc…
      Love DG2 collection!! :wink: :wave: :admire:

    • LadyNine
      March 6, 2017

      Thank you, Diane, for sharing the story! I didn’t know the history, and I think it’s awesome that the jeans sold out so fast!

    • Host Michelle
      March 7, 2017

      I have several pairs of DG2 bootleg jeans with wide stretchy waistband. They are my go-to when my tummy area needs a break LOL! I also appreciate that I don’t have to roll up the bottom of my jeans or get them hemmed to fit my petite frame because most of Diane’s jeans come in petite, tall, or regular lengths ;)

    • LadyNine
      March 21, 2017

      I’ve tried these recently. I love how they fit! Soft, with just the right give. But they aren’t baggy. It’s a winner!

    • Elvisshops
      November 5, 2017

      I would love to see more wide leg jeans … in petite.

    • ShaunaBlu
      January 24, 2018

      Diane I luv all of your fashion jeans U r the Liz Taylor of jeans Thank U Shauna

    What do you think?