Visiting The Beekman Boys & Sharon Springs (2017)


The town of Sharon Springs, New York held their annual 2017 Harvest Festival on Saturday 9/9 and Sunday 9/10. It was a nice opportunity to visit the town, meet its lovely people, check out the shops, and buy some goodies! Guess what? Yours truly and BF decided to join in the fun! Woohoo!

A little back story –

I learned of the festival from the Beekman 1802 website, which is owned by the super duo Josh and Brent aka The Fabulous Beekman Boys!

The boys have a wonderful 19th century farm with plenty of goats and a beautiful shop dubbed the “The Mercantile” in town; and they brought their exquisite line of goat’s milk products to the Evine shopping channel in 2015 (Yay!)

Update 11/2019: In 2019, Beekman 1802 moved to HSN and QVC

You can read more about the boys on their website, wikipedia, and our discussions here  :ladywink:

Here are some photos of the trip! ( I should have taken more though!  I missed some good pics like the Festival itself, doh me :rolleyes:Enjoy, TV Shopping Queens!

7am (3.5 hour) bus ride from NYC arranged by The Beekman Boys! There were 50 of us on Saturday! Off we go!

The bus made a pit stop. Yay Starbucks! That’s my half-caf. I need it in the morning!

Arrived at the Farm!

Here’s önder, the family dog and guardian of the farm! She greeted and sniffed everyone LOL!

A panoramic view of just “some” of the land. To the left is Josh’s dad playing tour guide! Both Josh and Brent’s moms were on premise as well! Center is the barn. To the right is the mansion.

The goats are out!

Here’s a tour inside the barn. This little goat really liked this lady’s hair LOL!

The goats did not mind the attention – at all!

Well, hello, little goat!

Here I am with Farmer John! He has a lot of fans!

Here I am – frolicking?

I haven’t been on a school bus in a long, long, long time! This baby took us back into town :ladywink:

Walking through the festival, I recognized YouTube sensation Farmer Jay and ran over to introduce myself! Omgosh that was fun chatting about his barn dance video and his guest appearance on Ellen  :teehee:

Starving! Town was packed with visitor for the festival so it took 2 hours to get a table at The American Hotel‘s restaurant. It was worth the wait! My open faced turkey bacon sandwich was delicious! Probably the best turkey I’ve ever had! (Shhhh don’t tell BF… he makes our Thanksgiving and Christmas turkeys and they are scrumptious too :teehee: )

Only an hour left before bus leaves town for NYC. The mercantile… here I come!

Oohhh good timing! On the 2nd floor, BF and I met Brent and Josh! They are so nice and friendly! They’ve been busy meeting and greeting visitors all day – lots of photos, autographs, and smiles! We had a lovely chat and can’t wait to reconnect!

Lastly, here is a tour inside the house from an interview Brent and Josh did with home and decor site, Lonny in 2016! It’s a special home indeed!

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    12 Responses
    • mrs_squeeze
      September 10, 2017

      Very nice! Seems like such a good time!

      • Host Michelle
        September 11, 2017

        It was! Hope we can go together next year! Plan it with a NYC trip :)

        I met a very nice lady from TN – She was on a NYC trip and added this to her trip! Perfect timing!

        • Elvisshops
          September 11, 2017

          That was me! It was great meeting you.

          • Host Michelle
            September 11, 2017

            Hi Melody Elvis Shops!!! So happy to see you here! What a fun chat we had on Saturday! Looking forward to more! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

    • katemichigan
      September 11, 2017

      Thank you so much for sharing the photos with us!!! :good:

    • Debra
      September 11, 2017

      awesome!! way to go Michelle!! – how long of a bus trip was it??

      • Host Michelle
        September 11, 2017

        3 1/2 hour but it went by fast! Comfy ride :) Would be so fun to go together next year!

    • Patti @ Pandoras Box
      September 11, 2017

      I recently enjoyed the farm tour, shopping at the Mercantile and dining at American Hotel – It was a fun way to spend a sunny day! I wanted to peek in the windows of the mansion so badly, but now that I clicked on your link, I was happy to see inside – just as I thought, stunning!

      • Host Michelle
        September 11, 2017

        Yay! So glad I added that link then! :)

    • Host Michelle
      October 1, 2017

      The boys are on Evine right now! And throughout the day for their new TTV! Hi Brent, Hi Josh!!!

    • Saz
      November 5, 2017

      I think they are one of the GREATEST marketing “story lines” Everrrrrr. Due to allergies I can use only goats milk skin care which is made with fresh ((flash frozen) on my especially on my face. SO, tho I tried their dehydrated goats milk products, my face blloomed bright red. I also am retired (early) from the wonderful world of advertising. I like the guys, but COME ‘ON, ITS A MARKETING PLOY but with a core of truth. Do you not smell Martha Stewart as a paid advisor or getting a % some way ?? I dont like how quickly the price points are going up or how frequently Evine has them on. ( Love him, but true of Dimitri, too ) You do know there is no Aunt Jemima, Betty Crocker or a dog that tells how beans are made, right ? ( teasing) Im losing interest in Evine. No EmmaHardie, No Borghese. No stability, is my view. The C S Reps are great! They often are working from home ! Cool! (You are aware 1 “Beekman” came from Martha Stewart?)

    What do you think?